About Cambodian Oknha Association

Founder and board member of the Cambodian Oknha Association

1) Cambodian Oknha Association (abbreviated as COA) was established and officially recognized by the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia by letter No. 5979 PRK. Dated October 25, 2022 on the application for registration of the Cambodian Duke Association in the list of associations and non-governmental organizations. Cambodian Oknha Association is a non-profit, non-profit, non-partisan, non-partisan, non-partisan, non-partisan, non-partisan, non-partisan organization. ស. ឧ. ក. Aims to promote the values of the duke’s honor and ensure the moral dignity and strong solidarity of the duke as a basis for active participation with the Royal Government of Cambodia to participate in the construction and development of the Cambodian economy and economy in accordance with various strategic policies. Both within the national and international framework, especially social, humanitarian and charitable activities to ensure the peace, harmony and prosperity of the Cambodian people.

2) Organizational structure according to the statute: Organizational structure of the COA. There are: the Supreme Assembly, the High Council, the Board of Directors, the Expert Committee and the General Secretariat. The Supreme Council consists of: Honorary Chairman, Honorary Vice President and Senior Advisor. The Honorary President is the highest official of the Royal Government, who is directly requested for permission and invitation from the Chairman of the Board of Directors during the current term. Led by 32 board members and founders. Daily operations are carried out by a secretarial team headed by a Secretary-General.

3) Vision The vision of the COA is to maintain and promote the supreme excellence of the Duke in participating in the sustainable social and economic development of Cambodia and to create a peaceful, harmonious and prosperous living standard. Of the Cambodian people to be as good as other developed countries.

4) Missions The main missions of the COA are as follows:

  • Represent and protect the legitimate interests and honor of the member tycoons.
  • Build friendly relations, friendship, solidarity and cooperation by showing the real will to build trust in the great duke family.
  • Together, participate in various social and charitable activities to increase the prestige, superiority and virtues of the duke to a higher level.
  • Promote respect for the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Establish forums, seminars and other programs, both domestic and international, to promote partnerships in trade and investment activities in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

5) The participation of the SOC with the Royal Government in the past:

  • Participated in a budget with the Royal Government to purchase free vaccines for the people.
  • Participated in fundraising with Phnom Penh Capital Hall to purchase food and other supplies during the closure of the 19 19 outbreak of Kovid.
  • Participated in fundraising with the Samdech Techo Youth Volunteer Doctors Association of Cambodia (TYDA) to organize Luang Mey Hospital.
  • Participated in donating funds to deal with landmines in Cambodia.
  • Contributed to the construction of the Sihamoni Raja Buddhist University building at the request of Samdech Techo Prime Minister
  • Contributed to the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Samdech Techo Youth Volunteer Doctors Association (TYDA)
  • Participate in the Bon Pka Samaki to collect suffixes, repair and reorganize the foundation of Samdech Preah Moha Sometheathipady Chuon Nath through HE Cham Prasidh

6) Membership

6.1 Membership Requirements

Tycoons who can apply for membership of the Cambodian Duke Association must meet the following requirements:

  • Received the title of Duke, which has the definition as defined in Article 2 of the Statute of COA
  • Never been convicted of a felony or a felony
  • Have dignity and integrity in society and in business and professionalism; and
  • Willingness and sincerity to participate in all activities of the COA.

6.2 Application Form

  • Must complete the application form for membership. As follows:
  • 1 (one) membership application
  • 1 (one) biography
  • Current photo no more than 3 (three) months, size 4×6 (four times six) 3 (three) sheets
  • A copy of the original copy of the Royal Decree conferring the title of duke (1) and
  • Letter of conviction 1 (one) copy.

The application file for membership must be submitted to the General Secretariat of the COA. To check the accuracy and completeness of the file before submitting to the Commission on Membership, Discipline and Ethics, which must review and decide on the inclusion of the tycoon as a member of the COA.